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    Shoe Factory Gensi Group
    Address: Zona Ind.le Colleranesco 64020 Giulianova (TE)
    Tel.: +39 085 8006094

    Italian High Quality Footwear

    Our tailored approach to a client helps us to create Italian high quality footwear in line with client’s hopes and demands. We focus on constructive dialogue, right visual representation and passion developing shoemaking in line with modern tendencies.

    Gensi makes high fashion for men, women and children shoes supplying major Italian and international brands. In-house production process is carefully monitored by team of experienced professionals to ensure high quality standards of finished product paying particular attention to every shape and detail.

    Gensi proposes complex approach to production of Italian high quality footwear. Key advantage distinguishing Gensi among Italian shoemakers is solid vision of quality standards: attention to details, typical elegance in shape, variety of color, careful selection of materials are perfectly combined in our high quality footwear Made in Italy.

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